Dear guest



   My name is Bartosz Kudlinski and I am a medical doctor specializing in anesthesia and intensive care. You can find more information about me here.


    In 2011, after months of  efforts,  my colleagues and I have succeeded in establishing an independent healthcare clinic called NZOZ Stomanest based in  Racula, Głogowska  street, in a building that is owned by  Dr Krzysztof Lubecki – a surgery specialist.

   The name of the clinic, Stomanest, illustrates its two tasks and goals.Stom - representing dental treatment and Anest - from anesthesiology.

     The demand for professional medical services for dental treatment under general anesthesia has existed in the city of ZG for a long time. From the very beginning of my professional activity  I, as well as many of my colleagues, was targeted with questions about the possibility of alleviating stress and pain associated with dental procedures using the achievements of modern anesthesia.  It was both patients and dentists, who were seeking such contacts and help, for various reasons. Thanks to modern local anesthetics, and various  ways in which they can be administered,  a large majority of dental procedures are performed by dentists.                

   My dear fellow dentists have extensive experience and expertise in this area (which I have experienced many times), but still there is a variety of situations and patients for whom the stress and nervousness, anxiety in the form of dentophobia , or other factors pose a barrier to the use of standard local anesthetics . This applies especially to children, people with various disabilities and developmental disorders and others.


   With the development of medicine  new techniques and methods are introduced, and sometimes we go back to the old proven ways. An example of the latter is the use of "laughing gas" - that is nitrous oxide, which is experiencing a renaissance in midwifery and dentistry. However, it has a limited application - mainly for simple and short procedures in healthy  and consciously cooperating patients. 

In any other case, we need advanced methods of modern anesthesia.


    I was often asked why in the city of Zielona Góra, as opposed to other cities of our region, there was no possibility for patients who required to be anesthetized for dental procedures to use such an option.


    There were a few reasons, as usual,  and they were related to four groups interested in this matter.


   Dentists - the most common concerns were the following: local anesthesia is sufficient; a patient unwilling to cooperate does not have to be treated; general anesthesia - Narcosis - is dangerous (and there have been rare fatal cases  in Poland); teeth cannot be properly treated under anesthesia ; lack of co-anesthetists; dentophobia has been invented by the media ; it is better to treat simple cases than engage in something difficult and potentially dangerous.                 

   Anaesthetists - there are too few of them, they have too much work, too many duties and procedures, there is lack of financial resources to develop an appropriate and legitimate  operating room infrastructure, and in general this is nothing more than a fad.


  Patients - analgesia, anesthesia, operating procedures, dental procedures - were associated with even greater stress,  as there was some likelihood that you would never wake up, the media reported on some cases of extreme complications. For many patients it was better to ignore the problem, suffer, do not treat, leave, or seek help outside the city.

     Health care management organizations  they point out mainly to small public demand, the alleged high risk of procedures, lack of knowledge about modern methods of anesthesia, and finally to marginal importance of such procedures compared to the ocean of other health care problems.


    Most of you associate  anesthesia  with  something  highly  risky and dangerous. 

Something that should be used only

when there are no other options.

Something that brings us 

 dangerously close to the dark sphere, 

 the red line that separates 

what is here and now, from what is eternal.
But it does not have to be so.
And most often it is not.

Feel free to come to us, to talk and meet, and to benefit from our services.

Yours sincerely


Bartosz Kudliński