Social organizations gathering people with varying degrees of disability, local government organizations, including the Office of the Mayor of Zielona Gora and the Regional Medical Chamber in Zielona Gora, and finally a group of general practitioners - experts in their fields - gave impulse to initiate a new form of activity - Private Health Care Stomanest, which combines anesthesiology and dentistry ... and not only.


Here are a few assumptions, which are the basis for our business:

1. General anesthesia in dentistry is dedicated to groups of patients with varying degrees of disability that prevent cooperation with the dental team
2.  General anesthesia in dentistry is performed in compliance with applicable laws and regulations binding in Poland in terms of equipment and medical procedures
3. A specialist in anesthesia and intensive care determines whether a patient qualifies  for anesthesia, and assesses the risks and possible complications. 
4. A specialist in dentistry decides in all matters related to dental issues.
5.  General anesthesia - while keeping to all the rules and standards - is a safe method for performing dental procedures.
6. General anesthesia based on modern means of anesthesia is  a safe and predictable medical procedure that can be repeated and that guarantees  high patient comfort and safety of the procedure.
7. The patient has the right to expect and demand the optimal use of anesthetic technique, in line with current medical knowledge. .
8.  The refund of medical services in the field of dentistry under general anesthesia in people with disabilities is financed by the NFZ
9.  Healthy individuals in whom general anesthesia is performed for a dental procedure incur the costs according to NZOZ price list.