Dr Danuta Sorochan - Olszak -  is responsible for deciding whether a patient qualifies for dental surgery.


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  After determining the type and extent of dental treatment,  Dr. Bartosz Kudliński conducts anesthetic consultation. After registering at  NZOZ  the consultation can be performed there, or if it is not possible (most often due to transportation problems) it can take place in the place of residence of the patient. 


 During the anesthetic consultation we assess health status of the patient, risks associated with the surgery, the nature and type of anesthesia, and additional medical tests needed. The anesthetist decides to admit a patient to the surgery according to his medical knowledge, professional experience and the rules and guidelines of the Polish Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care and other health authorities in Poland.


  It may happen that the patient's clinical condition is too serious and disqualifies him from dental treatment under general anesthesia. Such situations are rare, but they may happen and must be taken into account. Every anesthesiologist will do his/her best not to do anything that could harm the health or life of the patient. You will be informed of any such decision, together with the reasons for it.  

   At a pre-operation visit, you will be presented a personal detailed schedule showing how you must prepare for surgery, including diet, medications and other activities.

Each treatment is preceded by the preparation of a medical record


  Anesthesia for dental surgery is general anesthesia, entailing  full protection of the upper airway obstruction, which consists of endotracheal intubation and sustained inhalation, and which is followed by a stay in the postoperative surveillance room.  Supervising anesthesiologist  decides when the patient can leave NZOZ ​​and makes relevant recommendations for the later period.

   During each  interview, before and after surgery, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that are of interest to you and you will be given complete answers.